About enrollment

I registered my email address to join the fan club as a new member but have not received the email.

Please check the following.

① Check whether any emails have been automatically classified as spam.

② Check whether there are any errors in the email address that you entered.

③ Change the settings so that you can receive emails from the following domains.

④ Change the settings so that you can receive emails with URLs in the bodies.
 *If you have any questions regarding the settings, please contact your email address provider.
 *Regarding how to change the settings of various mobile phone and smartphone models, please contact the mobile phone company that you are contracted to.

Please try to send another email after trying the above.

Also, if you still do not receive the email after trying the above, please also consider obtaining a free email account, etc. and trying another email address.

In particular, it is more likely that the following domains will not receive the email.
If you have registered with one of these domains,
please try an email address on another domain such as Gmail.


Other questions related to"About enrollment"

If the above examples do not resolve your issue, please inquire through the link below.