Display based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law

Sales company
Fanplus, Inc.
sales manager
Representative Director Motoshi Sato
ShibuyaMinamiTokyuBldg.9F,3-12-18,Shibuya,Shibuya-ku,Tokyo 150-0002
Contact information
*We do not accept inquiries about transaction details or services over the phone.
For inquiries, please contact us here.
Selling price
新規会費 6,600円(税込) [入会金 1,100円 + 年会費 5,500円(1年)]
継続会費 5,500円(税込) [年会費 5,500円(1年)]

新規会費 7,500円(税抜) [入会金 1,000円 + 年会費 6,500円(1年)]
継続会費 6,500円(税抜) [年会費 6,500円(1年)]
新規会費 6,000円(税抜) [入会金 1,000円 + 年会費 5,000円(1年)]
継続会費 5,000円(税抜) [年会費 5,000円(1年)]
Charges other than the sales price
Packet communication charges are the responsibility of the customer.
Convenience store payment fee: 275 yen (tax included)
payment method
・Credit card payment
·Convenience store settlement
Payment period
[When joining]
・Credit card payment
Payment will be made after the enrollment procedure is completed.

·Convenience store settlement
After applying, please pay at the selected convenience store within the displayed deadline.

[When continuing (automatic update)]
・Credit card payment: As determined by each credit card company.
Service period
・Credit card payment, convenience store payment
[Example] If you join on January 21st, it will be the last day of January of the following year.
Service provision period
You can use it immediately after completing the payment procedure.
Regarding cancellation etc.
No refunds will be accepted for cancellations or cancellations after the membership application has been submitted, regardless of the reason.
Regarding automatic renewal cancellation procedures
To cancel automatic renewal, you can complete the procedure on "My Page" by the 20th of the same month of the year following the month of enrollment.
For matters not stipulated in this display, please refer to Terms of service.