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This website is managed and operated by Fanplus, Inc. The Company’s operations are based on the following Privacy Policy.
Purposes of Use
The website shall collect and use personal information to distribute an email newsletter (it shares information about the artists that may be valuable for members), to improve the contents of the website, and to ship gifts, and shall endeavor to protect the interests of members. The email newsletter may be canceled if it is unwanted.
Restrictions on Use
Personal information shall not be handled without the consent of the member, except to achieve the objectives of the above-mentioned [Purposes of Use]. However, this shall exclude exceptions provided for in Article 16 of the Personal Information Protection Law (when required by law, or to protect life and property, etc.).
Maintenance of Accuracy
The website shall make its best efforts to maintain the accuracy of members’ personal information.
Security Measures
To prevent leaking, loss, or damage of the personal information of site members, security supervisors shall be appointed, and data managed in accordance with laws and regulations, such as the Person Information Protection Law.
Supervision of Employees and Subcontractors
Security supervisors shall be appointed, and the Company’s employers and subcontractors shall bee supervised in accordance with Personal Information Protection Law Article 21 (Supervision of Employees) and 22 (Supervision of Subcontractors).
Restrictions on Provision to Third Parties

In compliance with the provisions of the preceding section, the website shall not disclose information registered by members to any third party, with the exception of the cases enumerated below.

  • 1. The member has provided consent.
  • 2. Disclosure of personal information to a cooperative enterprise, partner company, or business subcontractor with which the Company has entered into a non-disclosure agreement in order to achieve a data collection objective which has been clearly identified for members. (Ex.: Entrusting shipping of the Company’s products or product documentation to a subcontractor, querying a credit card company when processing payment, etc.)
  • 3. Disclosure of the contents of a member’s inquiry is appropriate in order to receive a response from the Company’s affiliates or agents.
  • 4. Disclosure is done in a form which cannot be used to identify individual members, such as statistical data. (Ex.: The number of individuals requesting materials, etc.)
  • 5. Provision is required by law, etc.
Queries, Revisions, Deletions, and Suspension of Use
For queries of member personal information, revisions in case of errors, or requests for deletion or suspension of use, please contact the website. If the Company was able to verify that the request was made by the member in question to prevent the leaking of member personal information to third parties, the member’s personal information will be disclosed, revised, deleted, or its use suspended within a reasonable time frame.
About the collection and use of attribute information, device information, location information, action history, etc.
  • (1)About the use of cookies.
  • In order to identify customer devices and improve usability, our website sends information known as a cookie to the customer's device.
    Consequently, some of our services will not be received if cookies are not allowed. Whether or not the use of cookies is allowed can be set in the customer's browser. Please check this setting as necessary.
    No part of the customer's personal information is saved in the cookie, and it will not be used to personally identify the customer.

  • (2) About SSL
  • This website makes use of SSL in order to protect the personal information of our customers.
    Because customer personal information such as name, address, or phone number is automatically encrypted during transmission, in the unlikely event that transmitted data is intercepted by a third party there is no threat of that the content of that information would be stolen. In addition, we strictly control personal information in accordance with our control standards. Preventative measures have been taken which include the installation of a firewall and establishment of anti-virus countermeasures to prevent computer virus infections as well as preventing the access, loss, destruction, alteration, or leakage of personal information.

  • (3) About the Access Log
  • This website saves information about those who have accessed it in the form of an access log. The access log contains information such as the domain name and IP address of those who have accessed it as well as the type of browser being used and the access date and time. However, it does not typically contain personally identifying information. This access log is used for the management of the website as well as statistical analysis related to its usage. It is not used for any other purpose.

  • (4) About the Use of Google Analytics
  • This website uses Google Analytics to understand how the website is used and to improve services.
    Google Analytics gathers customer information using cookies, but the collected information is anonymous and is not linked to customers' personal information.
    In addition, please check the Google Analytics Terms of Service and the Google Privacy Policy for a description of the collection of customers' access information and its utilization.

    ▼Google Analytics Terms of Service (Google)

    ▼Google Privacy Policy (Google)
Compliance with Relevant Laws and Regulations
The website shall comply with all laws and other regulations applicable to the personal information registered by members.
Amendment of the Privacy Policy
The website may amend the Privacy Policy to improve the security of member personal information or in accordance with changes to Japanese laws and regulations. In such instances, notification will be made separately.
Support Desk
For an overview of the website’s Privacy Policy or inquires regarding your own personal information, please contact us via the contact form.

October 2020 revision.